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    I was all over this site yesterday, after Aby Garvey tweeted about it. She has an organizing category on the right sidebar, but do yourself a favor and check out the rest of her blog as well! (I do believe she is my twin, separated at birth.)

    Lain, you are a girl after my own heart. I have just about every book you mentioned, and my secret fear is that Peter Walsh will show up at my door and make me donate my entire scrap room of stuff...or maybe that's just a secret wish?? NO! I can do it myself and then I'll spend the rest of my days organizing and reorganizing...bliss!

    I wrote a whole post on what I thought Peter Walsh would say to scrappers - one of my most popular!

    I would recommend Complete Organizing Solutions and Organizing Your Way as two great blogs to add to this list.

    I've been on the organized home site before and found some good tips over there. Unfortunately, I don't have much input for this one being a tad on the unorganized myself. What about the Flylady?

    I checked How to Unclutter Your Life . . . out of the library as soon as I read about it. It's just as awesome as it sounds, although I must admit after three weeks, I was not yet done uncluttering. I now own the book since I don't want to devote whole days to the project, but I am willing to devote several months to it. I went through my closets using Erin's questions to guide me, and it was the most effective decluttering of my wardrobe ever! Off to check out the videos.

    I like to follow Simple Mom at It isn't in your face, just small things and encouragement.

    Lots of great ideas. Thanks

    I have nothing to share, but can you please come to my house and help me declutter! I can barely even walk into my craft room. I just need to get rid of a whole stack of stuff but don't even know where to start

    oh, and Peter Walsh's "enough already" is sitting here waiting for me to read it!

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