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    REM was SO my favorite guest star; but honestly, I barely remember the rest of them. I think I remember the I don't want to go to the Moon; but I don't even think I remember the Dixie Chicks on there. Hmmm.

    I never watch Sesame Street because I have no children at home. I haven't watched it since the early 80's. I LOVE these. Thanks for sharing this.

    I still watch Sesame Street, and my kids are Tweens. I don't think it's possible to outgrow those characters. I was always partial to Super Grover.

    I loved the Ernie/Shawn Colvin duet. Still do.

    I am too old to remember watching REM on Sesame Street, but I'm such a huge fan of REM that I have watched this dozens of time. My favorite Sesame Street memory is the Hole In the Bucket scene. And Kermit the Frog reporting on Guy Smiley's songs. My family still sings the end of the alphabet song "next time won't you sing with a frog." And I think that scene aired 30 years or more ago.

    James Taylor singing Jelly Man Kelly. The best part is how into it the kids are. Neither of my girls really care for Sesame Street, so I hadn't seen the more recent ones. Now ask me about Curious George and I can tell you all about it. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh my, I LOVE this post. I think I need to share this link with some non-scrappy friends. :)

    I will always love Sesame Street!! Thanks for this post AND the link!! WOW!! :) My 4yo watches sometimes and I have one of the older DVD's that show several segments!! Can't help it!

    It is fun that so many, many famous people have been on Sesame Street. It is the Ed Sullivan of our day!

    THanks for the entertainment. My five year old and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We don't get Sesame Street here, so it was a fun treat!

    OMG!! I'm too old to remember "guest stars". I was 6 yrs old when SS started!! They didn't have guest stars then that I remember. I always loved Mr. Hooper and his store.

    That's quite a list. I did home daycare when my kids were little and remember many of those 'guests' on Sesame Street. Often, their celebrity didn't register with the kids but I got a kick out of it!

    My favorite has to be Norah Jones singing "Don't know why Y didn't come..."

    Ack, I missed this post.......LOVE the choices...but still have to admit that I loved Garth Brooks on SS too.
    I miss SS..... it just isn't the same up here since they changed it to Sesame Park (apparently us Canadians just HAVE to be different!)

    Wow, I had no idea James Blunt was on Sesame Street! Love him!

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