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    Hi Lain!
    I've just blogged about my one little word, so your post couldn't be more spot on!
    My word for 2010 is Gratitude and I was already planning to do several of your tips (sorry, #5 is definitely not for me!): #1, #2 and as I am also taking part in the Weekly Gratitude project by Karen Gr├╝nberg and Lori Gentile, I guess this means #3 and #4 as well!
    Your (nice) French twitter follower ;)

    This is just the kick in the pants that I needed. I have been kicking this idea around, but never thought of getting a piece of jewelry to keep the word alive.

    Also, I wanted to comment on your Twitter post, but can't find it this morning. I hope you didn't delete it because I wanted to say "Sing it, Sister!" I am over Twitter. Not that I really "got" the hype to begin with.

    mine is Awesome and I made a slide show to kick it off in style!

    I think that light is an excellent word for your year as well!

    Last year I got myself a necklace - balance was my word. Not the best choice. Anyway, I shall persevere and I've chosen FOCUS for 2010. Right now I'm in the process of clearing out the crap so I have something clear to focus on! Light is a great choice, Lain! Enjoy :)

    Great idea!
    My word is "focus."
    Filtering out the noise, and getting to the true message.

    My word is "reconnect". Nearly 5 years ago I made the cross country move like you. Left Bay Area for Southeast Vermont. My word is to remind me to reconnect not only with my dear friends & family I left behind, but with myself and hubby as well.

    Fortunately, unlike you I haven't had a major mouse problem. Just a teeny tiny one.

    I'm continuing my word from 2009 because I'm not done with it--accept!

    Accept who I am & how I feel. I do keep track of my word each week at Mass. At the Prayers of the Faithful (the "Lord, hear our prayer" part) when it's time to say our own prayers I pray for acceptance.

    I love this concept and I think it really works (but I have a LOT of accepting to do, so I need 2 years on my word ;) )

    Happy New Year!

    I haven't picked my word for 2010 yet, but my word was Awareness for 2009. I feel like it did help me focus on being aware of many things in my life. I kept a framed 5x7 piece of artwork that I did of the word by my desk to remind me.

    My word for 2010 is Change. I have many changes in 2010 coming an dI don't really like change. But, I am going to embrace it whole heartedly and make it great.

    finally decided on my is "do". I need to "do" more creative stuff. I need to "do" some things to get myself healthier. I need to "do" more to make my blended family jive. I need to "do" more photography practicing. Lots of things that I always think about "do"-ing but never seem to get to them...

    I haven't played along yet. Too much commitment for me (and this is from a gal that has been with the same guy for 26 years! LOL) I love the tips though. :)

    still working on 2009's...calm. I need to sit, think and pray about 2010's a bit more. It's usually a Bible verse that strikes me with the word in it. We'll see.

    Trying to decide right now. 2007 was "Fierce." 2008 was "Conscious." 2009 was "Simplify." And 2010 is going to be "Calm" or "Peace" because I need to work on finding my inner peace and being calm.

    Participating in OLW really seems to help me, especially when I need a reminder of what's really important.

    On a sidenote, I cannot wait for LOAD 2010!

    Thanks for this post Lain. I had been procrastinating on ordering a Lisa Leonard necklace via a gift certificate I won. Thinking about my intentions for 2010 sent me in the right direction - I knew exact which one to get!

    My word is Enjoy. My daughter is getting married in November 2010 and even though a wedding is a source of joy, I also know there will probably be a bit of stress too! So my word will remind me what it is all really about. My 2009 word was Live and I am happy to have kept it going. 2008 was Create :)

    I love your word - works for the gym commitment and the declutter. What happened to the twitter post, it showed up in my reader, then not on the blog?

    The last half of 2009 has brought about alot of change in my life and many of those changes have been good and getting better, so I chose CHANGE as my word for 2010. I am liking the changes going on and want to improve upon them so it really is the perfect word.

    My word is change. There are many things I need to work on but the biggest one is getting back into shape. I have worked out and kept my weight down my whole life except for the past couple of years. I've let 30 lbs creep on and I'm not working out except for a small walk here and there. I truly need to "change" in eating healthier and working out DAILY. Here's to many changes for the good in 2010!

    This is the first year I've heard of it and chose "Blossom". I like the doodle idea... think I'll have to tackle that this wonderfully long weekend :o)

    Happy New Year!

    I just "found" my word. It isn't a pretty one that would look nice on one of those necklaces but it speaks to me.

    I choose: MANAGE

    As in manage my time better, manage my budget, manage my projects, and just manage my life better.

    Ok, I've just done #2 and framed my little word (Gratitude)!
    Off to think more about what to do next!

    "Progress." This word feels like it won't come back to bite me in the butt like "Thrive" or "Grace" would. I want to move forward in my life, and not let the pain of this year hold me back. This was a tough year (2009), and I'm believing for a MUCH better 2010! I love your ideas of ways to keep the word close up all year.

    just finalized the word for 2010 and it is...



    and I am at peace with that. blogged about it and just bought a very cool card on etsy to have framed with a sweet quote (via iron + ink) that's all letterpressed and stuff.

    yeah for a new year and a new word!

    Hey Lain, I blogged my word yesterday. :)
    And today, I'm gearing up to sing the praises of LOAD on my blog.

    One of my quasi-resolutions for 2010 is to actually comment on the blogs I follow. Thought I'd start here-hope you don't mind.

    "Light" was my word last year. I'm insanely connected to it! This year, I chose "Scribble." All sorts of fun connotations with that word. Hopefully it will lead to a more complete story for me.

    Love the idea of doodling this and framing it. Thanks!

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