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    Money sent but there's still a charge even selecting personal. Is that right???

    Yipppeeeee! It's back! I love LOAD and hope I can find time to play. Heaven knows I have enough in my stash to get me through many rounds of LOAD. lol

    This sounds really fun, Lain! I am not a scrapbooker, but I have tons of pictures and lots of old (admittedly cutesy) scrapbooking supplies. But I am going to be at Disney for a week in Feb so it won't be the month for me!

    I`m in!

    The lady from China just signed up again!!!

    LOAD...yipee! I live for LOAD! Having it in February gives me something to look forward to in the last dreary months of winter.

    You know, I set a New Year's resolution (early) that I can't buy new stuff until I make 100 layouts. This would help...

    Oh, I forgot...I hate Paypal. Is there another option? They refuse to recognize me and I can't get a new password. My common name, I guess.

    I'm with Barb! I'm in and I could probably do a full year of LOAD with all the stuff that I have at home. The only thing I'd ran out of would be adhesive! Can't wait for it to start. It's so much fun. :)

    I'm so in!!! And as for stash, photos and adhesive: I'm stocked up and plentiful! Nathalie, if you read this, I buy my Tombow in bulk on ebay. Ka-ching! Thanks Lain for doing this. Although my husband doesn't agree, I LOVE IT!!!!!

    I think I have to give this a try. I've been in a scrapping funk for quite awhile now... pretty much since moving in July. Maybe this is what I need to get some things done!

    LOL! That was so entertaining to read... and it was an Q&A! HA! Sigh...

    Oh this is going to be fun! I've declared 2010 as my year to get the scrapbooks updated now that I finally have a room to myself. I also signed myself up for Cathy Z's Design Your Life and Stacy Julian's Library of Memories for this year. And LOAD was already on my calendar so of course I'm playing!

    Mercedes, I'm also doing Design Your Life. And today's the day it starts!!

    okay so I sent you payment this morning and forgot to put Alum in the notes... what would you like me to do?

    I sent my $20 (I had to pay an 88c processing fee.)
    This is just what I needed... hope I can go all the way with it!

    I'm very excited for another LOAD! Maybe I"ll actually get 2009's project 365 finished by the end of Feb! That's one of my goals anyway

    Woohoo! :)

    Sent from my iPhone

    I signed up and sent the fee via PayPal, but haven't heard anything. Will we get a confirmation? Whats the next step after we send you the fee? Sorry, but I haven't done this before...

    This sounds like so much fun!! When is the last day to sign up?

    use my stash! Ha! I laugh because I haven't actually scrapped in well over a year, but that hasn't stopped me from scrap-shopping. My stash has become obscene. I'm in because I need a kick in the pants and you are just the gal to do it for me.


    Great idea only disappointed cannot join in - here in the middle east Access to Flicka is banned so we wont be able to see the gallery.

    All have fun x

    Lain, I thought I had successfully joined the Flickr group, but I can't see it on my profile page and I can't find the invitation in my email! It is already Feb 1st down here and I have done my layout :)

    So is this for scrappers only? and then you all like make scrapbook layouts or is it like.. for online web designers too?

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