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    Thank you from a huge procrastinator here. I'll try to implement some of those tips at the earliest convenient moment I can find! ;P

    wish I had read this LAST week, before the toy I needed to order went out of stock.... b/c I procrastinated. geesh.

    good tips.

    My rule of thumb is that if I don't get it done before noon, the chances of it getting crossed off my list decrease by a very LARGE percentage.

    I'm a big fan of the bribe yourself and have a treat planned for myself this weekend. I have lots of Christmas stuff to do but am itching to start knitting some socks with the fun yarn I got from my Secret Santa at yesterday's office party. So I'm not going to let myself start knitting until I'm done with my Christmas to do list. Wanna bet it'll be done in record time? : )

    Great suggestions. I'm truly crappy with all of them so I'm thinking of taking the "FranklinCovey Organize 2010" challenge.
    "I know, I'm kind of schizophrenic." Please choose words carefully we who have schizophrenia already have a bad image in society. Great site. Keep up the tips and tweets.

    I do a process I call "5 in 25". I list 5 things I want to accomplish in 25 minutes. Then set the timer and run with it...

    There are two key ingredients to making this being successful.
    1. I always let myself play for 10 minutes immediately afterward - with no guilt.
    2. The 5 things have to be very specific and attainable goals. "Plan the party" wouldn't work in this situation. But "Choose the theme" would.

    Nine times out of ten just starting the list of five things makes me want to get going and get them done...

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