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    I did the 80's music test, and didn't do nearly as well as you, it is so hard for me when spelling counts. I did think is was cool when I read some of the answers I didn't get and the song started playing in my head......

    Thanks Lain... I would like to know what KIND if crazy I am. And as for online timewasters.... have you heard of this thing called Facebook? lol I can also spend a lot of time on Goodreads and iTunes.

    ESFJ here! And I type 96 WAM with 96% accuracy. How weird is that, with both scores a 96?? Have a great day, Lain. I look forward to your "Five Things" each day!

    Where do you find this cool stuff?

    ISFJ - but then I already knew that!

    Funny, my accent is "Inland North"! I was born in WI but pretty much raised in the Pacific NW! And boy, when I come back from visiting family there (or if one of my brothers comes and visit me) I certainly talk the way they do for a few weeks!

    okay, okay . . . Lain, you slay me! I have just caught this post on my reader, and I've now spent the last hour of my life remembering old favorites that I now HAVE to just add to my ipod! LMAO! My husband is so annoyed with my horrible singing voice, but I can't help but enjoy every one of these as even if I didn't remember them for the quiz, I was reminded of them after. I did pretty darn well, though. :-)

    so cool! I didn't realize the MBTI was available on line ... I've taken that many times ... and I don't change ... INTJ ... after all these years :-) (now I need to take the song challenge!!)

    The accent one was fun. It totally pegged my accent - in that I'm a Midlander and don't have an accent. It also says I have a good voice for radio and TV.

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