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    That reminds me of the movie with Tim Allen where he wants to leave on a trip for Christmas and not celebrate and he ends up having to stay home anyway... LOL

    Sorry, I have no organization tip for you. I'm more of a get what I can done and just forget about the rest kind of gal. I'll go and check out your links though, it might make me realize what I've been missing all those years! LOL

    I am right behind you on the organization train. I am trying to figure things out. The only thing I can think of is to start making a list early, check it often and try to be realistic about what you might be able to get done, and what is beyond reasonable.! Happy holidays to you. I am armed with my December daily, and I am going to remember every day of this season!

    My biggest tip would be to shop early! I find if I have the bulk of the gifts sorted before Decemeber arrives I am not caught up in the frenzy of shoppers (which I really can't handle!). If I choose to go to the mall or the city it is purely for my pleasure (looking at the displays etc.) Because I have family on the opposite side of the world I often pick up little gifts from june/ july on and then squirrel them away.

    when I get the urge to do "one more thing" whether that be shopping, event, baking cookies, another project--- this year, I'm going to take a big deep breath, then another and another and ask myself if it is really necessary.

    that and my holiday planner- gosh I love that thing and am so thankful i have it. keeps it all together for me and it's growing year after year! I keep adding sections to make it work even better (and harder!). I can't wait to check out the video you posted!

    I start early! I start writing my letter in the summer and try really hard to have the photo and letter all in a neat package by Thanksgiving1 I shop early and online! Avoiding the crowds makes me very happy!

    This might just show my nerdy side (some more)... EXCEL. As in the spreadsheets. This year it will be Numbers for the Mac? Either way. I create spots for all the different gifts I need to buy... both for various people and various occasions: 8 nights of Hanukah, 12 days of Christmas (stockings), Christmas, several gift exchanges, family members, teachers.... my brain hurts just thinking about it! So I fill in the spots with what I'm thinking of getting and then, well, go get it/make it. If it changes, so be it. I just insert where needed. And then as the gifts get handed out, I cross out each item. This part really helps since you're looking at a bunch of wrapped boxes and shapes... I actually (discreetly) number each package. Yes, I said nerd.

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