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    Love them all! Your stockings are adorable.
    I went a little advent calendar crazy last year: I'm thinking of getting the Lego one this year too. And of course the TJ chocolate ones again. Is there such a thing as too many advent calendars?

    your little stockings are cute, but I don't think I could handle sewing those by hand (and well, since I don't own a sewing machine, I don't see me doing that one) . . . but I like the cone ones too. I need to go check out my cricut cartridges and see if I can handle putting one of those together. Thanks Lain for such a timely post!!

    Here are links to our advent calendar that I made 27 years ago. We still use it![email protected]/4115128232/[email protected]/4115127010/in/photostream/

    I do not have a hand-made calendar. I have one I received as a gift from the family I lived with in Germany. I received it 16 years ago and Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without it. It is a giant fabric nutcracker with pockets sewn onto his jacket. The children always choose where it goes and what goes in the pockets. One gets to fill odd days and the other gets to fill even days and then they reveal what they other person put in it on the appropriate day.

    Cute ideas! We have one advent calendar that we received as a gift when the girls were little that we put up every year. It's a nativity scene that the girls get to do one piece at a time through out the month of December. The beginning of the month is random with little lambs, stars and sheperds, but we always finish with the big star and baby Jesus for the 23rd and 24th. Besides that one the girls usually get a store-bought advent calendar with chocolate inside each window. It wouldn't be Christmas time without one of those. :)

    Such cute ideas. I had an advent calendar growing up (and an advent wreath). A wonderful tradition!

    love the recycled cards one... i could do that. we have a couple advent calendars already!

    Several days late (as usual, but at least it's before December!), but the 3rd one reminded me that I'm pretty sure I've got at least one Sizzix die that makes some sort of box or container or something, which would be a) easy, and b) perfect.

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