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August 17, 2009


Kathy F

Lain! :) I loved your pic of Ben. :) Jon starts Tackle this year as well...he is beyond excited! :) I am not sure how I feel yet...the jury is still out! :D

I am not sure I can pic just 5 things right now...I already made a list of like 20 or so from your post about faves a little while ago...I still need to do that is on my list though! :D


Moving on with my life- and dating someone awesome :0) pics on my blog if you want to see the update lol My bf's son is going to start football this year- and i am so excited! So, Scott and Wade have been making me smile lately!m :D

Michelle Moore

1. School starts in 1 week for my daughter. She's not very ready, but am!
2. My car is fixed!!!
3. An upcoming scrap weekend with my girlfriends. We will play with all our stuff from Fri. noon to Sun. noon.
4. The mute button when the horribly obnoxious car commercial comes on.
Last, but not least...
5. A new book from Lain!!


1.YOU blogging!! I've missed you, friend.
2. School starting, therefore occupying my very bored 1st grader.
3. Card-making. I used to hate it, but now all of a sudden I'm really into it.
4. The thought of fall decorations--even though it will be in the 90's for at least 2 more months.
5. All my summer photos.


Brilliant! I'm so happy to read a post from YOU!

Making me happy? Every day. Just living my life, every day.


1. School in 2 weeks
2. School in 2 weeks
3. School in 2 weeks
4. School in 2 weeks
5. School in 2 weeks

I didn't want to be one of "those moms" who is SO EXCITED for summer break to be over but holy cow, now i get it. i'm done. the kids are done. even the most exotic and fun activity is not good enough to entertain. i love fall and school beginning - it's all a fresh new start!


5 of my favorite things right now

Edy's all-fruit bars (strawberry & lemonade)
The Little League World Series
Fresh pineapple, strawberries, & raspberries
Back to school tomorrow!
A working air conditioner


Decaf ice tea
my dog rolling in the grass on her back
books, books, books!
finding the tile that matches the granite
caller id ;)

Beth Williams

1. I remembered (at my age this is exciting)
2. Your Halloween project from LAST year
3. I have copied and pasted into word
4. I am assembling kits for said project
5. To share with some local nursing home residents,

All of which makes me happy-crafty-Halloween my very favorite-actually accomplishing something. Good day for me!


1. that website rocks!

2. your year or mine worth of e-books?

3. your son is adorable, and I'm not showing it to my son who wants to play in the worst kind of way!

4. Lists are fun!

5. Will I be able to read your e-books on my sony reader?

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