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June 25, 2009


Crafty P

Now that is such a doable page... you've already done half of it!ha! all we need to do is find a picture! great thoughts and I love that last quote. I'm going to send that one to my hubby right now. He'll so appreciate it!

Kathy F

Ok..I am gonna do that when I am scrapping with my BFF later! :) I will post it for you later...I will put it on my blog and send a link! :) Thanks so much Lain! :) Sometimes I need an inspirational kick in the butt! :)


Oh I even have the picture for that quote!! Thank you!!!!!


Omgosh...the Joe Moore quote made me seriously LOL! I didn't know you are a substitue am I! The stories I can tell! ;)


Now that's an assigment I can do. And you summed it up beautifully. Home is always where my husband and children are, and my place is with them. I think that was even a line on "Little House On The Prarie" once. One of the first episodes I think. Charles and Caroline were talking and she said to him, "My home is where you and the children are." It's always been that simple for me.


Been thinking a lot about HOME too, Lain. We closed on the sale of our very first house on Wednesday (24th) and while I'm so very sad saying goodbye (it was a really good home for 9 years), I'm looking forward to finding something that fits our family now. We're in an apartment until we find something and it's not so terribly bad, because the family is all here. I guess it also helps a lot that we get to stay in the area.

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