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April 27, 2006



You make me giggle!! I was totally going to say that i knew there wasn't going to be any Crocs in your closet! I shopped at Trader Joe's while visiting a friend in AZ. I love that place! LOL I also have carrot chips and a bag of raw veggies in my fridge. i am so lazy! But I will never eat those things if I have to cut them up myself. sheesh.


Oh, this is so fun...I love being tagged! Thanks! I'll come back with my answers in a bit...


I tagged myself (it's my first)! I love your webpage & I hope someday to have a real one like yours! Thanks for the comments on my blog & my de-cluttering is ....well, it's coming along. Never a dull moment & it is always a work in progress. Maybe one day I'll be good enough at it that I can do it for a living? Who knows!

Glad you enjoyed (?) your time at Disneyland. Wish I'd known you were coming, I'm an annual pass-holder & I could've ridden Tower of Terror with you (or FOR you)!!


Hey there! Left a bunch of comments all over since I was catching up. You are my first real post since all this "stuff" that's been going on around here lately. Slowly getting back to normal....I think! Thanks for being you - you make me smile and that is a GIFT!!!! Happy day to you my dear!


p.s. - when I wrote you are my first post I meant on my blog. Thanks so much!


L O V E that you have that many flip flops and jeans!!! I heard a funny comment today "What if you go to heaven wearing the same clothes you died in?" I'd be wearing a t-shirt, jeans and some pink flip flops!!! Now on the food subject, on the go, if it's not at Starbucks, I probably won't eat it; and in my fridge it either cannot expire or be some kind of left over. Hey, I'm single and a student on the go! :) Nice blogging with you!


No crocs?!? LMAO...yeah yeah - I'm a traitor to all sensible fashion!


Wow - someone tagged me. I will post soon. Home from Vegas. Ready to rock & roll...


aloha!! how funny, i just found your card under the mess that is my desk (lol which is where i put it and it stayed after Alabama) and thought i'd check out your blog before i emailed you. Just read your first entry (VERY FUNNY- hope i've been a good listener. really, i do) and then the tagging. Figured i'd give you the link to my blog now. =) I'll email you too though because this is getting ridiculously long.. have a great day!


Hey, Lain! First of all let me thank you for popping over to my blog (Imagine This)
and commenting on my recent art work.
I came over here to peek at yours -- nice one btw -- and saw your html question. Now, understand that I am NOT an HTML person but when I want to center something on my blog, I type before it and after it and that seems to work. Your mileage may vary???
Hugs, Sally


Oops! Well, DUH!That didn't work because your blog thought it was a command!! hmmm. So here's what I do to center something: before the text I want centered, I type a "LESS THAN" sign, then type the word CENTER, then type a GREATER THAN sign. Next I just type the words that are to be centered. Then after the words I want centered, I type a "LESS THAN" sign, then type a FORWARD SLASH, then type the word CENTER, and then type a LESS THAN SIGN. Maybe this makes sense?? Email me if it doesn't and I'll try again.

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