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April 13, 2006



Oh, I so have the same problem! If you find a solution, please share it with me, LOL. I have piles of "stuff" that I have to get myself to orgazine and I just haven't had the time to do it! I feel like I'm always trying to declutter something....either at home or at never ends! I feel your pain!


Your post got me thinking back to when I started finally de-cluttering & so I just wrote about my experience on my blog.


Oh my - me too! I love stuff. I have a problem with stuff. It's horrible! I need to de-clutter also - and it seems that I start - but then don't finish! I need to finish at some point...! You really got me thinking too! Maybe it's time to tackle it. Maybe May will be DE-CLUTTER MONTH! And continue April into May with USE WHAT YOU HAVE!


Oh I so know what you are saying! I think I need to Fly Lady Declutter instead of getting more stuff!


The one thing I have done that has helped tremendously with the magazine issue (because I gotta have, like, them ALL) is this: WHen I have a free 5 minutes, at any time: riding as a passenger when hubby is driving, waiting in the drive-up line at the bank, etc, ANYWEHRE, I pull out a magazine (usually an older one) and rip out only the pages that really stop me in in their tracks, or that I MUST save for future reference. I throw out the magazine minus the few pages (sad how few I really keep) and put those in a big 3-ring binder. I have cleared an entire shelf in my bookcase and have one binder to show for it. Was shocking to see that even in my favorite magazine (like CK) I was often only keeping 3-4 pages.

And another, recent, one is asking, HONESTLY, what does "this" (whatever it may be) BRING TO MY LIFE? 99% of the time it is "nothing" and then I can part with it. We took an entire F-150 truck bed full of "NOTHINGS" to the dump and Goodwill just this morning. Felt GREAT!


Laine - when it comes to art stuff I am a total hoarder. The rest of life, my motto is, if I haven't touched it in the last year, it gets trashed or donated. but not my art stuff. You never know when you will need that 1" perfect piece of paper. LOL. No help here!


I second the fly lady method.
As far as being okay with letting stuff's easier if I donate to a thriftstore and tell myself that somebody will put it to good use.


bahh haaaa! chipboard...

I love your new photo--you look great!

I am not a hoarder in any area of my life except my art supplies/books. I have a hard time letting go....ya never know if yer gonna need it later!
I think I am a pretty good minimalist everywhere else. especially in the area of interior decorating. I just don't want to dust more than I have to. LOL


(Kim here, from the Alphabetica Group)
You are in GOOD COMPANY! Ha! I am in the same, messy, cluttered boat. Outside of my studio, I am a neat-freak...but when it comes to the things I collect for my art - AACK! I have no advice! Sorry!!


ACK! I wish that I could help, but I am a "pack-rat" and hate to get rid of anything. I have all of my stuff stashed in my closet and in underbed storage boxes. I have SOOOOO much junk! I really need to clean things out. Phooie.


Hi there, just a quick note to wish you a HAPPY EASTER!


Hey there! Just getting caught up on your blog and OF COURSE I relate to this one! If you only knew how bad it is! I have done a lot of soul searching on this one (which usually means reading self-help and other books, watching appropriate Dr. interviews, etc.) and I've come to realize it's just a THING with artist-type people. It just is and in many ways, to stifle some of the hoarding of stuff is to stifle the creativity. Sure, there's a fine line (I'm way over it BTW!!), but I know the reason I hang on to stuff is I see all the potential in each and every item. I see all the things I want to do....someday. Who knows when that day will come? I still laugh about stuff I tossed when moving here and now "need". I have no extra scrabble tiles for embellishment anymore!!! Rue the day!! (grin).

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