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April 18, 2006



Oh how cool is that! I love Disneyland....hope you enjoy your last night there tonight! We were there for my birthday last December and in only three days I managed to take pretty close to a thousand pictures! I still haven't finished sorting through them so I can scrap them! Can't wait to hear the croc report tomorrow!


Love the new blog photo of yourself, by the way, and glad to see you're having fun at Disney. How far is the plane ride from where you are in CA to LA?





WOW! I hope that you are having a great time! I love riding the is the lines that are awful (unless you get that little pass thing). Did you ride Pirates of the Carribean yet? That one is a classic. Heh-heh.


VERY cool! I've never been to disney in any shape or form. I'm too old and tired now. But several years ago I did make it to SeaWorld. As an adult there for the first time I'd bet HANDS DOWN I had way more fun and giggles than the kids did. Wahoo.

BTW - your photo is FANTASTIC!!!! LOVE it!!! Very cool~!

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