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    Well, I have a few done--the ones I've already given. Still have a bunch to go! Teacher gift next week, then I start working on the extended family!

    Cute ideas!

    Nothing is done! :( I can't believe that there are less than two weeks before Christmas already... LOL

    Hi Lain,
    I've been reading Scrap Happy for a while, so I am scrap-happy indeed to find your new blog. I've always wanted to participate in a LOAD challenge and am finally in a place (in more ways than one) where I can. Will you be doing any LOAD challenges in 2010? Love your work over at Ella, too. Thanks for adding smiles to my day!


    CUte ideas! Good luck with the move!

    What? Wait! You're moving? Again? Didn't you just move?

    I've already made a hat/scarf combo, a set of photo canvases, another scarf is on the needles, have the stuff to do a cocoa mug and a coffee mug gift (I bought fancy cocoa & coffee instead of doing my own, it was actually less expensive.) I'm going to put chocolate stirring spoons in those. I still need to make a camera strap cover and an apron.

    If are you making this as a gift its absolutely adorable so cute i love this. Will certainly visit your site more often now.


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