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    Lain, what a great post. I'm a knitter too and always get people asking me how to learn. I recommend many of the same things! I always find my knitting takes a break in the summer. It's all mental, I'm sure, but wool in the heat? No thanks!


    Im the same way but the problem is by the time I
    start and finish something, its getting warm again! Haha! ;)

    Lain Ehmann
    CEO, Ella Publishing Co.

    I learned how to crochet and knit when I was a little girl. My best friend's grandmother showed me how to crochet and then my mom showed me the basics of knitting. I've crocheted and knitted a few things in my "carrer" but I don't consider myself very good at it. I haven't done either for the longest time now. I "gave up" on those and on sewing when I started scrapbooking. I have tried to show my oldest dd a couple of years ago how to knit but I don't think I'm patient enough... *sigh* Maybe I should try again now that she is a bit older now. :) Thanks for the links.

    so ironic that you posted this today. this morning i searched the net looking for sites teaching someone how to knit!

    my mother passed away in march and left behind a large and beautiful supply of knitting materials. i am now feeling the need to learn how to knit so that some of these items could be put to good use. and, secretly, i think she'd be so proud and pleased to see me knitting. :)

    thanks for all of the great links.

    Knitting....Hmm funny that you ask. I found my knitting bag in the bottom of my closet when cleaning it out. I took some lessons with a friend about 20 years ago (am I that old?). It was a class where you took a crewneck sweatshirt, cut the neck out of it and then knitted a new neck out of yarn for it. I made a couple of these. Then, I self taught myself and made a beautiful baby sweater with fancy stitches that made holes and designs and gave it as a gift to my college roommate for her baby girl. I started a sweater for me-never finished. I got married, had a baby, and worked full time so I haven't picked it up again. Also, at that time, I did cross stitch. Again, making something beautiful and giving it away. I'm like that with my scrapbooking-many of my albums are gifts.

    I have dabbled a bit, but never found a good resource for lefties. Any ideas?

    I used to knit a lot as a young teenager and in my twenties. It was all the rage then and everyone at work would be knitting during lunch hours. We created some pretty amazing stuff!!!! I think the wool choices were amazing back then too - beautiful mohairs etc. Haven't knitted for years though. Learnt to crochet at school (age 10 or 11 ) the obligatory blanket - pretty cool though. Have tried to teach my DD to knit. Trouble is I was never any good at picking up dropped stitches (obviously never dropped many myself) so find it hard to correct her mistakes for her to allow her to carry on. Also I hold my needles funny. Will check out the websites you suggested.

    I'm a knitter, self-taught through books (I have Stitch n Bitch Nation and one of the "dummie" books.) I've been to the websites you mentioned...though I had forgotten about Knitty. My favorite place to buy yarn on-line is
    This is my favorite place to browse for FREE patterns:
    They gather patterns from all over the internet.
    Right now I have a drop-stitch scarf on the needles; I'm using ribbon yarn. I still need to knit a beret for a gift and my sister wants a sweater for her new dog. I've taught both my girls to knit. I also taught my sister the other day, but I don't think she's ready to attempt a doggie sweater as of yet. ;)
    I've rambled, but I love to talk knitting just about as much as I love to talk scrapbooking!

    I want to learn to knit so bad! I crochet but want to see what knitting is like. I don't have any favorite books. I basically just do my own design. I started a baby afgan but it will be done by the time he is 6 months old lol.
    Thanks for the books. I will have to check into them!

    Hey, Lain!

    I crochet and about a month ago I just had to hold some yarn! I can't crochet in the summer--too hot. I also have a really hard time knitting--something about 2 needles, yarn, 2 hands that become irritated when I expect them all work at the same time! I'm crochetdg on Rav! See you on the forums!

    I just discovered this blog a week or so ago and have enjoyed reading your posts. I learned how to crochet and knit when I was a girl and attempted projects here and there. About 15 years ago, my mother passed away and I received her needles (and those of her mother). Up until a year ago, it was too hard for me to use them. But I discovered Amigirumi and it brought me back to the craft. Now I always have a project in the works. I've not read the books you mentioned, but I joined Ravelry and use the knitting help site for help with stitches. I love that the craft is experiencing a resurgence of sorts. It's so fun and relaxing. I think my mom would be so happy I've been crocheting and knitting again.

    This post hit close to my heart and I appreciate your sharing it!

    I don't even know what half that stuff means...of course, if I had a friend to teach me... :(

    I'm a knitter who just learned to crochet again (used to be able to but then got obsessed with knitting).

    Great links!

    Lain, here are some books/links for learning crochet:

    Chicks with Sticks Guide to Crochet by Nancy Queen--beautiful photos and info, garments not really my style, but other projects were fun!

    Stitch N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller --loved her stitch diagrams!

    Blueprint Crochet: Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter by Robin Chachula--Great instructions for learning how to crochet using crochet symbols. She takes you from easy to you can crochet all those great Japanese amigarumi patterns!

    Just for fun head on over to "What Not To Crochet" Do you like Then this is the crochet site for you! Warning--may be offensive...

    The Art of Crochet by Teresa Teresa has posted numerous YouTube vidoes that are very helpful for the beginner!

    And, of course, Ravelry. Love it!

    Hope these help.


    Hi Lain- we are learning to knit in the Waldorf class that Drew and I are in. First we made our needles by sanding down some wood, then waxing them. It hasn't really "clicked" for me yet, but I really appreciate this knitting info!

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